Motorsports Graphics

Full Race Wraps

Extreme Quality | High Durability | Expert Design

Motorsports graphics and design have been our heart and soul for nearly 2 decades before Xcaliber Graphics was born. With professional expertise in commercial design and the racing industry, our preparation and execution is second to none. In a world where 80% of cars are black or carbon fiber, it’s easy to stand out and maximize your sponsors investment with a full wrap.

Complete coverage of a strategically designed, high quality printed race wrap will insure every dollar of the marketing budget is well spent. Each car is uniquely designed and produced in-house using the industry’s highest rated materials, and installed or shipped worldwide.

Partial Race Wraps

Budget Friendly | Die-Cut Graphics | Easy Installation

Partial graphics are the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to motorsports liverys. Using the body or wing color as the base, we expertly design each car unique to your target style, colors, sponsors, and other preferences to create the illusion of a full wrap.

Printed on the same high performance durable material as our full race wraps, you have the same quality and vibrancy to turns heads off track at a fraction of the cost.

Utilizing smaller pieces with die-cut names, numbers, and logos, the install is easier allowing us to ship worldwide for an easy self-installation. Local installation is available at our Brownsburg facility.

Numbers & Decals

Quick Turnaround | Custom Design | Precisely Cut

Numbers and decals are an affordable option that present a number of economical solutions for racers at every level. Perfect for quick production turnaround and self-installation, decals & lettering are great for long term or temporary motorsports marketing.

Printed, laminated, and cut with the same material as our full & partial graphics, we guarantee the highest standard of durability and quality at minimum price.